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Picking strawberries for my father’s breakfast is my first treasured gardening memory.  Sometimes, I ate more than he got. 🙂

Dad’s garden was always lush.  Always organic. Until I went to college, organic was all I knew. College taught me about chemicals and how man knows more than nature.  HAH! How wrong we are.  Now, organic is our focus.  Our farm is nestled in Nature, the Finest system ever created.

We are happy to provide you with our just-picked tasty vegetables and free-range eggs.

Even better, let us advise, plant, or help maintain a sun-powered fresh food factory at your home.  YOUR tomatoes will be even better than ours.  Plus, life lessons you want to teach your children come naturally in the garden.

Contact Greg Smith at: forshade@gmail.com or 217.202.7490